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My name is Matthew. I design user experiences and devise creative strategies. I currently offer freelance services in marketing, design, and creative strategy.

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I studied Marketing at the Farmer School of Business (Miami University) and double majored in Interactive Media. I enjoy helping companies and organizations grow and scale. I offer services in branding, web & app development, UX design, SEO, viral marketing, and more.


I am very interested in designing user interfaces and experiences. I am intrigued by the design of human interaction. While pursuing my Interactive Media Studies co-major at Miami University, I had the opportunity to take classes such as Design Thinking and UX Research.


I have over 7 years of professional web experience. I have worked as a web specialist at creative agencies and organizations over the course of my career and have had the opportunity to do freelance work for a variety of small businesses. View my portfolio below for work examples.


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The Bitcoin Layer

The Bitcoin Layer is a premium markets research provider, covering bitcoin through a global macro lens. We deliver research, analysis, & education. I am currently acting as Creative Director for The Bitcoin Layer. Subscribe to our research publication and YouTube channel to learn about global macroeconomics, bitcoin, Lightning Network, the monetary and financial system, the Federal Reserve, interest rates, and geopolitics. Most importantly, develop a framework for understanding global markets—connect the dots between economic and financial concepts to see the bigger picture. Look no further for your bitcoin and macro education.

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GE Aviation

During my third rotation of GE Aviation’s Digital Technology Leadership Program, I worked as a Digital Web Analyst. I acted as a liaison between GE businesses and external creative agency to complete the redesign of I performed UX audits of all screens, built 60+ pages, submitted dev/bug tickets, and supported accessory initiatives alongside the GE Aviation brand redesign. During that rotation, I also supported the Aviation business’ WordPress multisite intranet and ran weekly office hours to support many internal sites.

Hodl Ranch Website

I created a simple landing page website for Hodl Ranch Limited, a bitcoin mining company. Hodl Ranch Limited aspires to build the biggest & cleanest bitcoin mining operation to accelerate the U.S. energy transition.

Dear 20-Somethings, Bitcoin Is Sound Money

I had the opportunity to contribute to Bitcoin Magazine in March of 2021. The title of my article is “Dear 20-somethings,” but I would encourage everyone to give it a read. My goal in publishing this piece was to increase awareness of Bitcoin among people in my age group as we entered the uncertain and overleveraged financial world.

Custody Digital Group

Custody Digital Group (“CDG”) is a global firm building a secure, scalable and regulated institutional-grade platform for digital asset services. I was tasked with developing their website in order to entice investors and financial institutions to do business with them. One of the main priorities for development was manufacturing trust through the design and feel of the site itself.

Wray Ward Intranet

I was a member of the FORM class of 2019 and worked as a UX design and development intern at Wray Ward in Charlotte, NC . One of my major internship projects was developing the user interface for the company’s intranet. There was a project kickoff with requirements a timeline. I presented the final interface on InVision.

SetDev LLC

SetDev LLC is an exciting new software development company with some incredibly talented personnel onboard. This Fort Lauderdale, FL based agency-incubator hybrid is always a pleasure to work with and for this project I was tasked to do a complete site re-design. I also helped with some branding and typography detailing.

Ballast Ventures

This brand is something that I wanted to develop early on in my carreer. It is a representation and actualization of my career goal of owning a multi-faceted company that acts as (1) a creative agency, (2) a venture capital firm, and (3) a music label. The company and idea are still in infancy but Ballast Ventures has already been working to gain clients and market experience.

Ballast Ventures is an internet company for visionaries.

More Coming Soon. – Crypto Wiki Price Checker

During the summer of 2018, I assisted a seed-funded startup in partnership with Venture Capital Draper Dragon as their first intern. I collaborated in designing and developing a revolutionary cryptocurrency price-checking wiki. I headed the design and UI of the website and also built a landing page for beta registrations.

I supported the team in all capacities ranging from company strategy to development. I researched cryptocurrencies; read through whitepapers and assessed each coin’s application of blockchain including P2P connection, middlemen fees, censorship resistance, and micro-payments.

Block Key Capital

Block Key Capital (BKC) is a US-based research and investment firm dealing exclusively with the emerging cryptoasset class.

BKC’s founding partners were first brought together while creating their university’s blockchain organization. Here they discovered a mutual passion and drive to be a part of the blockchain revolution. With more than 20 years of combined experience in the space, these eight like-minded individuals launched BKC Investments with the goal of providing exposure and education in this emerging asset class.

I developed the logo, brand identity, website, and all internal and outbound marketing materials for the financial startup firm.

History for iOS – Version 5.0

History for iOS is the App Store’s top resource for everything iOS. Every single iOS firmware release has been carefully indexed and detailed in this free resource. History for iOS is used by hundreds of users across the world daily wanting to learn more about Apple’s leading-edge operating system.

The app includes a news tab containing the latest iOS related updates, as well as a page displaying the current iOS firmware version.

History for iOS has recorded 20,000+ downloads since release in 2014. The app is used by hundreds of users around the world every day to learn more about Apple’s leading-edge operating system.

County Reinsurance, Limited

During my freshman year at Miami University I had an internship in Winston-Salem, NC with a creative agency as a web designer. I was tasked with the full project of designing a site for County Reinsurance, Limited in Clemmons, NC. I worked on the site from start to finish and made all changes that were requested after proofing.

Dr. Dre – Compton Credits Guide

I made this comprehensive guide to Dr. Dre’s Compton album the day after it came out.

Dre’s self-described “grand finale” album was made possible by the collaborative efforts from a large and wide array of artists and musical producers alike. This extensive guide goes through every individual who received any kind of credit for the album and assesses their contributions to the project.



    2014 - Present

    I have been working as a freelance developer for various companies and organizations for over 7 years and have worked in a web designer role for marketing agencies.


    2014 - Present

    In June of 2014, my first app History for iOS was released on the App Store. It was my first venture into iOS app development. History for iOS has been downloaded by over 20,000+ users. I am currently working on another app, slated for a late 2020 release.


    2016 - 2020

    I am a graduate of Miami University's Farmer School of Business. I double majored in Marketing and Interactive Media Studies with a focus on Blockchain technology.


    Summer 2018

    I interned for a seed-funded startup in partnership with Venture Capital Draper Dragon. I assisted in designing and developing a revolutionary cryptocurrency price-checking wiki while staying at Draper University in San Mateo, CA.

  • Block Key Capital

    2018 - 2020

    Block Key Capital (BKC) is a US-based research and investment firm dealing exclusively with the emerging cryptoasset class. I acted as Technology Officer and Managing Partner.

  • GE Aviation

    Current Role

    Full-time, two-year leadership development program where members work within a GE business alongside experts in various locations.


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